What it's all about

The recent emergence of nanoscience as a key approach to innovation in advanced materials has sparked a similar interest in the application of its principles to the fields of biomedical diagnostics, therapeutics, and basic cell physiology.

The overarching goal of the new St Louis Institute of Nanomedicine sponsored by the Missouri Life Sciences Research Board is to advance the safe and effective use of nanotechnologies to reduce death and suffering from human disease.

The St. Louis Institute for Nanomedicine is a joint venture sponsored principally by leading local academic institutions that will assemble a broad base of regional expertise in the nanotechnology, medicine, technology transfer, and education to create novel solutions to complex health care problems.

Founding partners include: WashingtonFounding partners include: Washington University, University of Missouri at St Louis, St Louis University, and the St Louis Community Colleges. The Institute will develop viable approaches to foster collaborations between multinational industrial and regional academic partners, and seek to leverage local financial and community resources to grow the regional biotechnology enterprise.



2010 Pilot Grants

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