2010 Pilot Grant: Call for Proposals

The St. Louis Institute for Nanomedicine announces an annual pilot grant competition to fund 4 research projects in the range of $30,000-$45,000 (direct costs) each. The pilot projects should advance the overall goals of the Institute, which comprise:

  1. Fundamental research on nanoscale materials, structures, devices, and pharmaceuticals for early detection and treatment of life-threatening diseases;
  2. Translational research featuring molecular imaging, targeted drug delivery, and nanotoxicology to promote safe clinical application of innovations in Nanomedicine;
  3. Technology transfer of scientific breakthroughs through an entrepreneurial pathway that connects academia with industry and venture partners; and
  4. Education and workforce development of the next generation of leaders who will guide the regional expansion of nanotechnology research applied to health care.

How to apply:

To apply for funding, please send a 2-4 page proposal that describes:
  1. Specific Aims
  2. Background and Significance
  3. Preliminary Studies
  4. Research Design

The proposal should include an abstract, goals and objectives, timeline, personnel, a simple budget (including 25% overhead costs), and contact information (not counted in page limit). Curriculum vitae of key personnel should be included.


Proposals will be judged on thematic relevance, significance, innovation, feasibility, strength of research design, and importantly, the likelihood of generating significant external research support (e.g., NIH R01, R03, R21). Preference will be given to multidisciplinary projects that collaborate across campuses, which apply a combination of basic and applied elements leading to translation. A proposed plan for rapid transfer of knowledge gained to clinical applications is required.


Principal investigators must hold a doctoral degree and have an academic appointment as faculty, research scientist, professor, or investigator from an accredited institution that is a member of the St Louis Institute of Nanomedicine, or engage a qualified Co-PI from the Institute as a collaborator. Applications will be accepted from investigators who are nontenured, within 5 years of appointment as Assistant Professors or Instructors; and from Research Assistant and Associate Professors, or similar category. Eligibility also entails no current long term support from NIH, NSF, DOD, or other government funding agency.


Projects are supported for one year. Expenses may include salary support for principal investigators. Conference travel expenses and publication costs are not allowed, and equipment purchases should be allocated to supplies only.


January 15, 2010

Please send proposals to: Kamilla McGhee (kjm@cmrl.wustl.edu) A review committee will evaluate the proposals, and its decisions will be announced shortly after the submission deadline. Anticipated start date for the grants is February 2010.





Questions or Submissions:

Kamilla McGhee