A key long-term commitment of the Institute is the identification and funding of pilot projects to expand the portfolio of nanomedicine ideas and attract new tallent to grow the regional nanomedicine infrastructure. An annual request for proposals will be offered to stimulate regional team science by requiring the involvement of at least two co-principal investigators from different disciplines, campuses, or institions. Awards will be granted for 1-2 years  depending on the scope of the project, and will be intended to develop the necessary preliminary data to submit subsequent proposals for continuing support to external funding agencies. Requirements will include a statement of milestones and deliverables, a compelling plan for future grant submissions, and a proposed pathway for clinical translation. The collaborative resources of the Institute will be availalbe to carry out the research for these finded projects. Semi annual progress reviews will be conducted by the advisory board to evaluate progress toward milestones and deliverables.

2009-2010 Pilot Grant Awards

  • George Gokel (UMSL)
    "Pyrogallarene Nanosponges as Ultrasound-switchable Drug Capsules"

Thomas George (UMSL/STLCC)
"Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Curriculum in Nanomedicine"

  • Amy Harkins (SLU)
    "Quantum Dots to Investigate Neuronal Communication as an Environmental Sensor"
  • Maulik Shah (SLU)
    "Controlled BioErosion of Targeted Zinc Nanodots for Cancer"
  • Shunji Tomatsu (SLU)
    "Micellar-polymer based enzyme replacement therapy for Morquio A Disease "
  • Daren Chen (WASH U)
    "On-Chip, Ultra-high-quality Optical Resonator Platform for Single Nanoparticle Detection and Monitoring"
  • Yinjie Tang (WASH U)
    "Study on Inhibitory Mechanism of Metallic Nanoparticles to Pathogenic Microorganisms"
  • Younan Xia (WASH U)
    "Immuno Gold Nanocages as Molecular Contrast Agents for Early Cancer Detection by Photoacoustic Imaging"

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